In the Mid '00's, once NME had bled the coattails of The Libertines dry, they attempted to start the Nu-Rave scene, a hybrid of indie/electro/dance, by and large it was shit. 

Friendly Fires stood out from the crowd though.  Their debut Self Titles album was banger followed by banger, and their 2nd album, was a band looking to improve themselves and experiment where they were going next. Influenced as much by South American Carnival vibes as it was 80's pop. Their live show's were always a party, famed for Ed Macfarlane's extravagant dance moves. I'm sure (who am I kidding, I know!) I made some terrible impersonations of these throughout the indie clubs of London.

Then they went quiet. Their was the odd teaser of new music, exploring even further experimental dance territory than before, but that was it.

In the time that has passed, I befriended their manager, Phil, so I take full responsibility for their comeback (I'm sure they would have anyway,  but it's nice to think you've played a part). 


Their first show - bar 2 warm up gigs - in 4 years, and you'd never have guessed. They came out all guns blazing. The 3 new songs they threw into the mix didn't disrupt the set at all, while Paris and Kiss of Life were everything and more that you expected. 

The venue was filled with millennials who'd grown up, like myself, with Friendly Fires. It was nothing but a celebration. Of the people we were, and the people we are now, and a band that we've finally got back.


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