Our Favourite Music Podcasts

If I'm not listening to music, the chances our that I'll be talking about music, or watching music (you know what I mean!), maybe even reading about music. But sometimes, I like to listen about music. Here are my favourite musical Podcasts out there. I'm sure you'll know most of these, but if not, then make sure you do! I'm hoping one day to take the premises of this site, and turn it into a podcast, so watch this space!


Song Exploder

A must for any music lover. Short podcasts, usually between of 15-20 minutes of length, of a band talking about how they wrote one particular song. From coming up with the riff, to producing the demo, to where the lyrics came from. Always interesting, and a lot of the podcasts play early demos within it. My personal favourite's so far include The National, Chet Faker and Arcade Fire.


Hip Hop Saved My Life...

Romesh Ranganathan, produces one of the most well loved podcasts out there. The premises is simple, he discusses his love of hip hop with other celebrities/artists. Discussing their first Hip Hop experiences, records. The passion he, and his guests, have is infectious. You can dip in and out of any one that takes your fancy. Always interesting, always funny, and I nearly always learn a new song I should have known already.


Desert Island Disks

A British institution. Am I cheating including this? It's in the Podcast section on iTunes. If you were stuck on a desert island, and you were allowed to take 5 tracks with you, what would they be? That's the question that has been posed for over 75 years to an array of talent on BBC Radio 4. Delving into the lives of countless famous people, you learn about their history, what makes them tick. Always some very pleasant surprises. Over 3000 episodes have been recorded so you'll unlikely to ever catch up, but the fun is browsing and picking one to listen to. A real joy.


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