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Imagine the scene... It's a Tuesday night. Your girlfriend is browsing her phone, "I was just thinking..." you know what's coming. "Maybe we should decorate the spare room." You could look on YouTube. A professional who has done the job for several years who will only patronise. Remind you that you haven't got the required skills. Don't fear, we are hear to to help you...


The Hallway

You've never wanted to decorate the hallway. It's the part of the house no one really spends that much time in apart from as a corridor. However, the previous 2 owners have also shown that attitude and now you need to work out how to paint a wall that is 3 metres taller than you...


The Nursery

You're now an adult. There is no escaping it. Gone is the one bedroom flat with holes in the wall. You now have a real life human and you're responsible. That means they need their own room. And, as the father, it's up to you to make it look as amazing, and safe, as possible.

Feature 3

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