Jamie T @ New Slang September 2016

New Slang is an institution for many of my friends and I... I'm planning on writing a much longer piece about the importance of it.

I'd missed the previous Jamie T gig in Kingston because my job at the time made me go to Berlin on a work trip. They promptly announced they were making me redundant the day after I got. There is a chance I ended up at 2 gigs in 2 nights (The Libertines), the day before. It wasn't really the behaviour of a new father. Nor was steaming down to the front when he opened with Tinfoil Boy, and proceeding to stay, and mosh, for the rest of the gig. To the point my t-shirt was un-saveable from the sweat. I recall very few gigs that have had the crowd go so nuts at the start, and keep it going for near entire set.

Jamie T, from Wimbledon, just a couple of miles away, was something of a prodigal son for Kingston. As prodigal as someone can be when they continue to return to play for Banquet Records every time they have a new release. But even so, he was greeted like a long lost brother, and he repaid the crowd back in kind.

It impressive that he has retained his crowd from over 10 years, since the release of Panic Prevention (and the Demo's well before that!) and still a staple part of any young budding indie kid, meaning that new tunes such as Drone Strike, are received just as well as the older classics such as Sheila.