Dirty Pretty Things @ Coronet 13th September 2006

Back in The Libertines hay day, when they were still just about keeping it together, a fan club was set up, that I want to call The Albion. For however much it was, we got a fanzine subscription (The Albion Chronicles), probably some other tat, and a free gig by the band, for Fan Club Members only. Needless to say, I, like hundreds (probably) signed up.

Also Needless to say, the ban soon expired, and those promises of a free gig were up in smoke. Fortunately, Carl Barat arranged for the Fan Club members to attend a Dirty Pretty Things gig at The Coronet. They never really had the tunes or the Charm of the Libertines.

The gig itself was fine. One of those gigs that was perfectly enjoyable, but didn't alter my life in anyways. Saying that, I remember 3 things from the gig... Russel Brand introducing the band, who were late. Paul Weller made an appearance (the only time I've seen him so far), and Bang Bang You're Dead.

I also had my phone nicked from my pocket through the gig. I'd hoped that it might have just fallen out my pocket and handed in. It hadn't. Upon arriving at Lost Property was another 30 plus people in the same predicament.