Arcade Fire @ Alexandra Palace Sunday 18th November

It feels like most I've done a lot of writing about Arcade Fire recently. Depending on your view point, it's fortunate, or not, that I've still got a few more to do!

Thankfully, they put on such a show, that it never feels like there won't be something to write about.

This was towards the end of the Neon Bible tour, and the way that gig went, I'm not sure I'd have predicted seeing them another 10 times. I actually went the following evening, which went slightly smoother.

Neon Bible was quite a pretty dark album as it was, and touring had obviously ended up taking it's toll on the band. There was a tension throughout the gig, and through Neighbourhood 2 (Laika) (I think... this was 11 years ago!), it seemed to come ahead with the guitarist and Will Butler,  running into each other and brawling off stage, falling off, heading backstage to finish it off, and then emerging half way through to finish the song. The sound was playing up through most of the night (which Ally Pally was notorious for this at the time, but much better now), and came to a head through My Body Is a Cage, with Win's vocals almost impossible to hear, which involved Win not just looking visibly pissed off on stage but full on reacting.

Despite all those issues, they were still proving themselves as one of the best live acts around with the sheer intensity which they played the set.