Tom Vek @ London Heaven 11th June 2011

Tom Vek, made a name for himself with his debut album in 2005. A lo fi indie/dance record that was much loved (particularly in the mid noughties!).  Despite having his own distinct sound he moulded in well next to the current trends i.e. LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture. He was always someone I really liked, wouldn’t listen to for ages, forget about, then remember he was great

 But that was it. He disappeared, gone. Nothing. Not even a teaser of new music for over 5 years. And then he returned with Leisure Seizure. Usually 5 years between the first and second album isn’t a great idea. Particularly when you’re riding a wave (deliberate or not). It felt like there was a lot of excitement around his return, and there probably was, but maybe not the levels I expected/thought he deserved.

I doubt I’ve listened to him since 2014 but you know what? I’m going to go and listen to him now.