Laura Marling @ Banquet Records 30th January 2008

You’ll see a lot of posts about Banquet Records. They’ve been as influential and important in my love, not just for live music, but music full stop. I promise I’ll do a full post about Banquet. The amount of incredible music I’ve discovered through them. The amount of amazing gig’s I’ve seen through them. The amount of money I’ve spent with them!

This would have been one of the first shows I saw Banquet host. It was January 2008 promoting one of her early singles, Ghosts (she played a follow up 2 years later promoting her album). My wife (then girlfriend) loved (and still does) Laura. The joys of the in-stores are how intimate it all feels. I don’t think it would have been possible to be any closer to her, and even share jokes. It was just her and a drummer, a very young Marcus Mumford (now, obviously, of Mumford and Sons), who seemed just as nervy as her.

This was probably the first time of many that we saw Laura. This one felt pretty uneventful to the next couple we went too…