My 1st Two Gigs...

When going through my tickets, I was most pleased to find these 2. The First gigs I'd ever been too.

I think my dad might have driven us to the first one in Brixton. Placebo weren't a band, I'd ever call my favourites, but they'd just released a song called The Bitter End (which is still a banger), so my mate Euan and I (and maybe someone else) went on our way to our first gig. I remember little about the gig. I was probably 15. I remember the excitement, the smells, the excitement that we could get beers, a transexual being in front of us and no one minding. We were grown ups. Whatever happened that night, gave me a bug. And 15 years later it still stands.

I remember a bit more of the Datsuns at Shepherds Bush. We'd gone up a notch in the adult stakes and made our own way to Shepherds Bush! The world was now our oyster! The Datsuns were straight up Rock n Roll from New Zealand. It was pure tight jeans, riffs, and loud guitars. It was fantastic. Let's be honest, a band with song titles including MF From Hell (you can work out what the MF stood for) aren't going to fail. It was ludicrous fun, and 15 years later I can still remember Harmonic Generator life life.

I've no idea what became of the Datsuns, but if Placebo gave me the taste for live music, then The Datsuns made me want to explore every food going.