Arcade Fire @ Wembley Thursday 12th April

I wasn’t quite sure if I was planning on going to this gig. There’d been some confusion on the date we were meant to be going, and after seeing them less than a week previous in Dublin, which ventured on gig perfection, I wasn’t sure if I had the lust to risk tainting those memories. 

And while it didn’t quite hit the heady heights of Dublin (one of my favourite gigs of all time), this still cemented Arcade Fire as one of the best live bands in the world. 

They pull off ok aying in “The Round”, in the boxing ring set up to perfection. I’ve seen previous bands try without really nailing it. Arcade Fire have so much going on that you never feel like you’re missing out when Win or Regine (singers) are at the other side of the stage. The light show is tremendous and the energy on stage is second to none.

In Dublin they were on fire from the entrance. This time they took a little longer to get going. The crowd maybe unfamiliar with the set up not fully getting into it, but from the No Cars Go onwards, it was brilliant.


Crown of Love and Ocean of Noise (a personal favourite) were added to the set list from Dublin. Unfortunately it was one of the weaker points in the evening, with signs appearing above the stage directing the crowd to turn their phone lights on, and no other light show to speak of throughout the song. Oceans of Noise is a dark song, it builds and it swirls, and the lights should have added to that. Unfortunately the lights took the emotion out of the song. However, if that’s the weak moment of a gig then you know you’re doing ok.

Jarvis Cocker made an appearance in the encore to do “Cunts are Running The World”, which while slightly too long was an enjoyable moment (the other London gigs had Chrissie Hynde, Florence Welsh and Boy George!).- 

They finished with the ever inspiring Wake Up. 10,000 people with their arms in the air, the band still showing the energy of much younger bands making their debut song. As the band conga’d through the crowd to its concluding, with the crowd singing along, and once again, finding myself arm in arm with my friends (and strangers), not only did I have no regrets about going, but wondered if I’d get away with going on the Friday as well!