I've loved going through the various box of tickets, folders, loose tickets floating around the house. It's taken a bit longer than I originally planned. Mainly because I've got so many!

But I'm also trying to make sure that the website looks good so people want to explore. I've decided I'm now going upload A LOT of pictures and images today for people to look at. I'll then go back to trying to review them all.

I've loved going back to review all the gigs that I've been too, but it's also quite hard to talk in great detail about the gigs that happened so long ago! However, I'm sure this will become easier and my writing better (I hope!) as it goes on.

I'm also finding a lot of memorabilia hidden around the house. A lot of set-lists. A cassette thrown into the crowd by Jamie T (currently unplayed). A drum stick. Wristbands. A couple of plectrums that I'm not sure where they came from. Newspaper articles going back nearly 15 years! I'm hoping to get all of these up as well as the tickets.

If anyone reads this (which I currently doubt seeing as the site's about 2 weeks old and I'm trying to work out the best ways to drive traffic). I'm starting to Instagramming a lot. I'm tweeting a bit and will get a Facebook presence, but first I want to have enough content that people will find engaging (I pray that doesn't sound too wanky).

I'd love to drive conversations. I want to hear others share their experience of the gigs I've been at, but also share their own. I've set up a submissions page if anyone else wants to get involved! I'll get them loaded straight up. 

If anyone knows a way I can make the site better, then please do get in touch and let me know!