The Week That Is 9th April 2018


The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy

Despite recent success with a series of bangers and working with talent such as Daft Punk, The Weeknd has always been at his best when singing mardy songs, best served at 4am, in a dark smoky room, which makes everyone feel a bit grimey. Pleasingly, he’s returned to those routes with lyrics such as, “'Cause if it's love you want again, don't waste your time, But if you call me up, I'm fuckin' you on sight”. Indeed.


God’s Own Country

There are some classic films on Netflix this month, Jaws and American Psycho, which are worth any ones time, but with God’s Own Country, we have one of the best British films of the year. A story of a gay farmer from the Yorkshire moors. It’s received critical praise and is now available to stream.



The Rock. A Giant Albino Gorilla. A Flying Wolf. A Huge Crocodile. In Chicago. Destroying it. There isn’t really much more to add. It’s based on a computer game from the 80’s that had no story line. This might not win any Oscars, and probably won’t be remembered in a week time, but it’s all very silly fun.


God of War

Video games used to be about animals destroying buildings for no reason. Now, they’re big budget affairs which would give Game of Thrones a run for their money with the story telling. It advances the story of Kratos (from the GoW games in the 00’s), the powerful God, and giving him a more human aspect. It looks incredible, and despite an estimated 30 hours of playtime, it never feels excessive.